Delivery Options

We guarantee discreet packaging, safety and privacy on all shipping methods. We are also using a hided packaging technique to ensure maximum discreetnes. When all of our methods combine, the parcel becoming 95% undetectable, even on deliveries to risky zones.

Worldwide Avg. Delivery Times Tracking Signature upon Arrival Price
Untracked Mail from EU EU: 6d, UK: 8d, US/CA: 10d, rest: 15d Not Required USD 8.37
Tracked Mail from EU EU: 5d, UK: 7d, US/CA: 10d, rest: 12d Required USD 15.79
Expedited Shipping from EU EU: 3d, UK: 5d, US/CA: 6d, rest: 8d Required USD 42.29
Tracked Mail from Asia EU: 14d, UK: 14d, US/CA: 9d, rest: 12d Required USD 10.49

Estimated delivery times based on averages. Delivery may take longer or shorter.

  • Both Europe and Asia warehouses available for all countries.
  • By selecting shipping method when creating order, you are also selecting the warehouse.
  • Asia warehouse is more suitable for US, CA, AU, NZ, Asia customers.
  • EU warehouse is more suitable for EU, UK customers.
  • EU warehouse is also OK for US and CA customers.
  • Asia warehouse is also OK for EU and UK customers.